Saturday, November 19, 2005


Bit T... tonight the crew is watching UFC pay-per-view together. We need some quality testosterone building and wish you were here drinking beer and playing hold em'. You're with us even when you're stuck doing some shitty work handed down by people in suits who don't realize how they affect other's lives.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

finally figured this out

well its been about a month now, i finally got to sign in. well training was not what i expected. we had very cramped living conditions for about a week. the water sucked, the food was always short and we only got to shower every 3 days. we are unsure what are jobs will be when we go to iraq. you know... 5 months away from going to war and i don't even know what my job is.. isn't this army great. the group of guys i am with are pretty good though. morale is low but at least our leadership is fucked up. so that makes this experience easier...just a little bit of sarcasism. well tomarrow i have to train a bunch of mechanics in building entry. so now we are going to a swat team and a pit crew. for being the worlds most professional army, i am still waiting to see the professionalism of my chain of command.. hope you understand what i am saying. i am proud to be a soldier but sometimes ...they make you want to run mexico. rez out

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

natural vs. un-natural disasters...

With all the weather related problems hitting the United States recently, our friends at the media have been able to take their eye off Iraq, which has seen a rise in random violence. Big T called just the other day; it reminded me of his soon to be presence overseas, and I'm still worried for all the troops caught in the termoil. And now Iran is piping up with talks of nuclear production... where is it going to stop? Will it ever?

Friday, September 16, 2005

4 days away

Well, here is my first posting on my blog. I have four days until I start my six months of training prior to the actual deployment. I have not slept very well in the last 3 weeks. I contribute it to nerves but drink a lot so that helps. i have said many good byes already and have changed everything i had known to be my life. i am no longer a police officer will go back to the cop job upon my return. i gave my car to my sister and have given lots of my possessions to friends. people ask me if i am nervious or "hows it going". How can I answer... well realistically, I am sad to say goodbye to such great friends and family. I have tried to make everything easier on my friends and family in the event that i do not make it home, but i can never do enough. The hardest things so far is the horse-shit planning the army has and telling my parents what will happen and what i want to happen if i don't come home. But more venting and stories will follow so stayed tuned.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Reasons to speak out.

This blog has been initiated in collaboration between my friend and I. I oppose the current war in Iraq, but am still curious as to what is going on with the actual people involved in active duty. For this reason I've set up this venue to hear the everyday effects of living in a war zone. My friend is serving in the army reserves and is getting ready to head for Iraq; we will be able to post back and forth and encourage people to comment along the way.

While serving in Bosnia, Big T (as he will be referred to), felt cut off from his home country, family, and friends. Hopefully this blog will allow everybody to stay somewhat connected during his next deployment as well as educate those following along as to what a "common soldier" feels as he serves his country.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005